About Perpetual Mojo…
Jules Sutherland is a lover, dancer, dreamer and realist, who wholeheartedly believes that…
1. Humans are awesome.
2. Life is sexy.
3. It’s all about connection.

Jules’ work through Perpetual Mojo is the love child of her passionate long-term relationships with self-expression, conscious relating, personal empowerment and human diversity. The Perpetual Mojo model weaves together mind, heart, body and mojo to foster the consistent, embodied experience of living as passion in motion.

Perpetual Mojo’s regular offerings include…

Mojo Dancing – The Dance of Connection.
Mojo Rising – Sacred Sexy Connections.
The Pleasure Trove – Temple of Sensual Delight.

Jules and Perpetual Mojo are committed to bringing sexy back to self-empowerment through passion, presence and play.

You can contact us at

It’s a pleasure doing pleasure with you. 🙂