Mojo Rising

Sacred, Sexy Connections.

Beloved human, please join us for a night of pure passion in motion. MOJO RISING is your invitation to explore the power and pleasure of embodied sensual and sexual energy in a safe, sacred space.

Part relating workshop, part ritual, part ecstatic dance, MOJO RISING is all of the heart and passion of Mojo Dancing with extra trimmings and the heat turned up.

In a safe, respectful space, we each engage the presence of our own unique, healthy sexuality. The first part of the night is an opportunity to connect to your sovereign sensual self, and to explore different ways of expressing and relating from that place. Through a series of games and exercises, you will be supported to embody and invite your sensual and sexual energy to find its natural expression.

In the later part of the evening, we bring all the juicy medicine to the dance floor; an opportunity to play and dance in the alchemy of healthy, respectful sexual energy in motion.

Activities may include solo, partner and group exercises (verbal and non-verbal), visualisation, breathwork, conscious touch, eye-gazing, giving and receiving, honouring, archetype role-play, and of course, plenty of dance and movement.


In over 4 years of Mojo Dancing, the wonderful possibilities that open up when human beings come together in integrity and respect has been continually reaffirmed.

We at Mojo consider sexuality to be a profoundly powerful, pleasurable and sacred aspect of our human experience. We want to offer a beautiful space in which we are able to honour and express our natural eros through conscious awareness and human connection.


* This is NOT an entry-level event. We ask that you have attended at least one Mojo Dancing or similar conscious relating event before attending Mojo Rising. We ask this because we want you to feel you have sufficient confidence and experience to honour and express individual boundaries and needs within the space. If you have any questions at all regarding this, please contact Jules via PM or email. ( or

* As with all Perpetual Mojo offerings, this is an inclusive, LGBTQI-friendly event. There will be no heteronormative practices or gender divisions. All heart-centred, respectful, passionate humans welcome.

* There will be no intimate sexual activity at this event. All participants will be fully encouraged and supported to honour individual boundaries, and some general boundaries will also apply.

* This event will be upper-clothing optional. In other words, people of any gender may choose to remove your own clothing from above the waist if you so desire.

* We are committed to maintaining the integrity of this space as a haven for healthy, sacred sexual energy to flow and be celebrated without fear of sleaze. If you have any uncertainties or concerns re this, please contact Jules to discuss.