Empowering Facilitation Retreat

Are you an aspiring facilitator, who would love to master the art of co-empowering facilitation?

Or are you already a facilitator, and want to take your skills and impact to the next level and beyond?

What IS good facilitation, anyway?

Empowering Facilitation Retreat

is founded on the belief

that everybody has their unique gifts to bring to society. And more than ever the time is ripe to each step up and share what we have to offer with the human collective.

Many of us feel inspired to do this through the vehicle of facilitation. Yet facilitating can be a daunting thing – a game with no set rules, and an intricate dance of many elements that are rarely acknowledged or spoken about.

Empowering Facilitation Retreat
Empowering Facilitation Retreat

My name is Jules Sutherland, also known as Mama Mojo. The Empowering Facilitation Retreat is the culmination of my 15+ years of facilitation experience across a variety of fields, including personal development, dance, conscious relating, sensuality, performing arts and embodiment.

Over this time, I’ve learned is that good facilitation is as much an art as it is a science. I’m inspired to help you master this art, so that your facilitation becomes a creative pleasure and an enriching experience for both you and your participants.

This retreat is designed to give you solid and flexible foundations from which to facilitate your personal offering, whatever that may be.

Empowering Facilitation Retreat
Empowering Facilitation Retreat

In a nurturing group environment, you will be supported to take your offering from an idea into actualisation, through key stages of:


Identifying and anchoring your inspiration and intention.


Learning your audience and ideal participant, their needs and desires, and how they can benefit from what you offer.


Identifying the essence and centre of your offering.
Designing and intuiting the best vehicle for your offering.


Cultivating safety, trust, curiosity and engagement.
Logistics, marketing and finance.
Dealing with resistance, criticism and perfectionism.


The art of timing – scheduling, length, pace and ‘groove’.


This is the often overlooked, underlying and unifying element. Your offering is far more than the sum of its parts. You will learn how to access the vital essence of your work and to integrate it through all of the aspects above and more.

We will be sharing not just practical advice and insights, but also many ‘trade secrets’, including:

* Where form meets flow.
* Reading and responding to the group field.
* Sovereignty and synergy.
* Embodying and transmitting your work consistently.
* Staying juiced when things are challenging.

Empowering Facilitation Retreat

Perpetual Mojo Productions is committed to the cultivation of culture based on co-empowerment and win/win dynamics. We will share everything we can to support you to step forth into the world and offer your gifts, as only you can, for the benefit of yourself, your participants, your support crew and everybody involved.



Training will be via an in-person, residential retreat, in Victoria Australia.

It will include the Empowering Facilitation Retreat, which can be attended as a stand-alone weekend.

The Empowering Facilitation Retreat is also a compulsory pre-requisite and first module for the Perpetual Mojo Dance Facilitator Training.

Please note: If you are applying to attend the Perpetual Mojo Dance Facilitator Training, you don’t need to register or pay separately for the Empowering Facilitation Retreat.

For more information regarding Perpetual Mojo Dance Facilitator Training see this page or contact us. 

"Divine...I feel like a human bliss bomb!“

Empowering Facilitation Retreat

"Faith in humanity restored – over and over again."

Empowering Facilitation Retreat

"Open-heart surgery."

Empowering Facilitation Retreat

“Truly the best possible way to spend a Saturday night."

Empowering Facilitation Retreat
Empowering Facilitation Retreat