Mojo Dance
Mojo Dance
Mojo Dance
Mojo Dance

Without the sleaze and small talk?

Welcome to Perpetual MOJO™ – The DANCE of Connection™
(aka ‘Mojo Dance’)

Mojo Dance

What Is

Mojo Dance

Mojo Dance is a sensual fusion of free dance, conscious relating, and how you wish the school social had really been.

At Mojo Dance, a specialist Mojo facilitator will guide you through easy-to-follow solo, group and partner activities, supporting you to experience meaningful connection with yourself and others.


In this increasingly online and busy world, we can feel isolated and disconnected from our bodies, each other, and our unique self-expression. Mojo Dance provides a respectful, playful space for good humans to experience the magic of authentic connection, within and around.

Mojo Dance


Mojo Dance is suitable for you if…

Mojo Dance

– you don’t want to learn steps.

– you don’t want to be judged for how you dance.

– you don’t want to have to deal with drunk people on the dance floor.

Mojo Dance

– you don’t like small talk

– you don’t like sleaze

– it’s sometimes hard to connect with new people in a meaningful way

– you’re not sure where to find the people who ‘get’ you, as you are,
without having to try to fit in

What you WILL experience at

Mojo Dance

– A welcoming, respectful culture and community.

– An eclectic range of awesome music.

– Clear, friendly guidance and facilitation.

– Simple tools to help you communicate your personal needs and boundaries easily and effectively, at any time.

– The opportunity to be sensual while also being safe.

– Encouragement to be who you uniquely are and to dance and express freely, with no judgment.

– An embodied, heartfelt experience of meaningful connection – with yourself and others.

Mojo Dance


Mojo Dance



Whether you’re joining us for the first or 50th time, you will be warmly welcome and included from the beginning.

Mojo is grounded in a strong culture of respect for personal sovereignty. Tools and support are provided to foster clear communication of boundaries and consent.

There is no sexual activity at Mojo Dance.

Mojo Dance is welcoming to people of all genders and sexualities. There are no ‘gender specific’ exercises. 

There is no pressure or expectation to be a ‘good dancer’, or to be good at anything. You’re good at being you. That’s plenty.

Other than the guided facilitation, Mojo Dance is a non-verbal space. All exercises are designed to be embodied rather than discussed. So you don’t ever have to worry about what to say. You can’t get it wrong.

"Divine...I feel like a human bliss bomb!“

Mojo Dance

"Faith in humanity restored – over and over again."

Mojo Dance

"Open-heart surgery."

Mojo Dance

“Truly the best possible way to spend a Saturday night."

Mojo Dance
Mojo Dance