Mojo Facilitator Training
Mojo Facilitator Training


Mojo Facilitator Training
Mojo Facilitator Training


In 2015, Perpetual MOJO™ –  The DANCE of Connection™ (aka ‘Perpetual Mojo Dance’) was created as a vehicle to facilitate empowering connection and self-expression in a fun, welcoming environment.

Perpetual Mojo Dance has become more than event. It is a movement that is growing exponentially as more and more people feel inspired to be a part of a respectful, passionate and connected culture.
Mojo Dance has now expanded into many locations around Australia and internationally as new facilitators have trained and been licensed to bring their unique magic to the Dance of Connection and to their communities. 
Do you feel the call to spread compassion, connection and co-creation?
Do passion, presence and play light you up?
We would love to hear from you.

2020 Dates Coming Soon

Mojo Facilitator Training

This training is open to applications from anybody of any background and from any location within Australia or internationally. Successful trainees will be offered a licence to facilitate Perpetual Mojo Dance events in any geographic area outside of 30km from Melbourne CBD.

We are seeking facilitators who have a genuine passion to host experiences that are anchored in mutual respect, authentic self-expression and co-empowering connections.

Experience in facilitating in a group environment, and/or a background in ecstatic dance, embodiment or conscious relating work is desirable, but not compulsory. It is resonance with the ethos and pillars of Mojo that is most important.

Mojo Facilitator Training
Mojo Facilitator Training

The core values that underlie
the culture of Mojo are:


And we transmit these through
the cultivation of:


Perpetual Mojo’s ethos and the intention of this training is to support a thriving culture of co-empowerment or ‘Everybody wins’.

We will provide you with comprehensive guidance to support you to become the best Mojo Dance Facilitator possible –  for the benefit of yourself, your participants, your support crew and everybody involved.

You will gain valuable skills and insight, not just in facilitation but also personal development, embodiment, empathy and communication. Meanwhile you will be provided with all the tools and guidance necessary to establish and run a lucrative business while doing nourishing, heart-centred work.

In turn, the Perpetual Mojo Dance Facilitator Training will support the expansion of Perpetual Mojo’s culture and movement into new locations, providing many new communities and participants with the opportunity to experience the Mojo magic…

Mojo Facilitator Training
Mojo Facilitator Training

The Perpetual Mojo Dance Facilitator Training is designed to provide facilitators with all the teachable elements necessary to run Perpetual Mojo Dance events for public groups. The content covered includes:

Intention: Knowing and embodying your ‘why’.

Cultivating connection: With self, others and the group.

Identifying your own unique mojo, and how it moves.

Form and flow: Each aspect of the event format fleshed out and woven together to create more than the sum of its parts.

Finding the balance between structure and spontaneity.

Theme and music selection.

Cultivating creative process that works for you.

Tuning in with your audience: language, relatability, creating culture.

Embodying your ethos.

Business, marketing, legalities and logistics.

Vehicles for sharing your unique mojo on and off the dance floor.

Mojo Facilitator Training
Training will be via an in-person, residential retreat over seven days.
The first module is the Empowering Facilitation Retreat, which can be attended as a stand-alone training, and is also the compulsory pre-requisite for the Perpetual Mojo Dance Facilitator Training.
The subsequent days will be focused specifically on training you to facilitate Perpetual Mojo Dance events. Participants who successfully complete the full training will be offered a licence to run Perpetual Mojo Dance events, pending completion of one practicum event in your community and a subsequent self-assessment.
Please note: If you are applying to attend the Perpetual Mojo Dance Facilitator Training, you don’t need to register or pay separately for the Empowering Facilitation Retreat. The EFR is included in the fee for the Perpetual Mojo Dance Facilitator Training. For more information on the EFR, please see Empowering Facilitation Retreat.
Mojo Facilitator Training

As places in this training are strictly limited, we require applicants to fill out an application form for us to consider before we offer you a position. Facilitators who are accepted into and successfully complete all the training requirements will be offered a licence to facilitate events under our branding, so we are seeking applicants of the highest calibre and commitment in order to protect the integrity and reputation of Perpetual Mojo. We reserve the right to refuse a position to any applicant at our sole discretion, without giving reasons for our decision.

If your application is successful, you will be sent a copy of the training agreement terms and an invoice for your training fee.

The training agreement covers all of the legal and practical details pertaining to becoming a registered Perpetual Mojo™ – The Dance of Connection™ facilitator. You will be given ample opportunity to consider all elements of the training agreement and ask any questions before committing to undertaking the training.

For more information regarding Perpetual Mojo Dance Facilitator Training contact us to express your interest and we’ll let you know when applications formally open!

Mojo Facilitator Training